Acorn Update Fall Edition

Acorn Update Fall 2022 Edition

Acorn Update Fall. 2022

In This Issue: As we enter harvest time, may your senses be filled with God’s abundant love for you and all of creation. Let gratitude ring out in joy within you. We remember all who have suffered the loss of a loved one and offer you our prayers and condolences. May they rest in peace.

In this issue are responses to a question posed to our contributors: “What if we consciously love one another?” The stories are many and varied. We remember the life of Sister Joan O’Sullivan, who lived her life in response to this call. We celebrate with our five jubilarians who continue to live this call every day of their lives.

May you also ask, “What if we consciously love one another?” May your response lead you ever deeper into the unfolding of God’s gracious love for you.

Thank you to our families, friends and other benefactors who share with us so generously. May God bless you all richly and abundantly.

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