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Home > Vocations > What is the basic process in discerning a vocation as a Presentation Sister?

“Becoming Presentation is a life-long accompanied journey in living the mission of Jesus with people made poor” (CG2006)

What is the basic process in discerning a vocation as a Presentation Sister?

  • Contact any Presentation Sister to inform them of your interest.
  • Our Vocation Director will then contact you to being the process of further discernment as a Presentation Sister. As part of this process, you will be invited by sisters, who may be located near you, to visit with them in order that we may being to know each other better. If you are a distance from any local community, other arrangements will be explored.
  • An initial formal interview will be arranged.
  • If after this interview, all agree that further discernment as a Presentation Sister would be beneficial, then follow-up discernment sessions are planned and you will be connected with a sister who will accompany you in this process.

If after this initial time of getting to know each other, the Presentation way of life appears to be suited to you, you will be invited to begin the Pre-Candidacy program.

What is Pre-Candidacy?

This phase ordinarily lasts six months to a year and you will continue to be accompanied by a sister and meet regularly. You will be invited to local communities to experience our way of life in prayer, community and ministry. It is a phase that is more focused with the aim of helping you to grow in your sense of God, your desire to follow Jesus and to begin to come to know who we are as Presentation sisters.

What is Candidacy?

The Candidacy Phase is between one and two years. You live in a Presentation Community where you become involved in the life and mission of the community and get a stronger sense of who we are as Presentation Sisters. You continue the work or study you were engaged in prior to entrance or seek out close work or educational sites if distance is an issue. You continue to be accompanied to deepen your sense of God and desire to follow Jesus.

What is Novitiate?

“There is still one thing left for you: sell all that you have and distribute it to the poor and you will have a treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Lk 18:22

The Novitiate Phase is ordinarily a two year period of withdrawal for theological reflection and opportunities for study and reflection on Scripture, the social teaching of the Church, prayer, Christian spirituality and religious life. You continue to be accompanied by a sister as you discern our Presentation way of life.

What is First Profession?

First Profession is a time when you formally consent to the religious vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience as a vowed Sister. This phase lasts at least three years and no more than six years. You continue your accompanied journey to discern your call of making a lifelong commitment to the Presentation way of life. You are fully part of community life and involved in ministry to God’s people.