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Fargo, ND (Riverview Place)


Presentation Sisters
Riverview Place

Fargo, ND (Riverview Place)

L-R: Sisters Agatha Lucey, Josephine Brennan, and Mary Beauclair

Agatha was born in County Kerry, Ireland. She is a registered nurse and serves in administration. She enjoys reading, decorating, and retreats.

Josephine was born in County Cavan, Ireland. She is the dining room supervisor at Riverview Place. Baking, sewing, and knitting are of interest to her.

Mary was born in New Rockford, North Dakota. She is a licensed practical nurse and cares for the environment. She enjoys gardening, reading, and politics.



Presentation Sisters
3014 12th Street South

Fargo, ND (Riverview Place)

L-R: Sisters Paula Ringuette and Geraldine Steinbach

Paula was born in Jamestown, North Dakota. She works in Development Office and is a retired educator. Her interests are reading, prayer and politics of church and state.

Geraldine is a retired elementary principal and primary teacher. She enjoys politics of church and state, reading, and prayer.




Sister Jan Ihli
Nano‘s House

Sister Jan Ihli

Jan was born in Raleigh, North Dakota. She is a foster parent. Her interests are children, gardening, and reading...


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