Exploring Mystical Wisdom

Article by Sr. Jocelyn Quijano

Exploring Mystical Wisdom

The US Unit Leadership Team participated in the annual LCWR Assembly held August 9-13, 2022, in St. Louis, MO. This year’s theme was Mystical Wisdom: Following Spirit’s Beckoning. As the LCWR membership grows in diversity of cultures and ages, this assembly drew on the richness of some of the traditions and perspectives alive within the conference.

Set in a context of a series of spiritual conversations, the assembly provided input into the mystical wisdom available to us and helped us to recognize, share, and celebrate the wisdom we each carry within ourselves. We explored how we might deepen our access to the wisdom that surrounds us so that we may amplify it and bring it to the tables at which we sit and the many circles with which we interact. The fate of the world–with its multiple challenges–is calling for us to respond to this urgent need with these precise gifts that women religious possess.

It was a spirit-filled and blessed time with over 650 women religious leaders plus guests and exhibitors. A four-minute video that captures the Assembly highlights, other videos, and written resources can be found at https://lcwr.org/calendar/lcwr-assembly-2022-mystical-wisdom- following-spirits-beckoning.

-Sister Jocelyn Quijano, PBVM, LCWR board member.