About the Organization

As members of the Friends of Nano Movement, our mission is inextricably linked to that of the Presentation Congregation at local, unit and international levels.

An International Network

The international movement is a network of local groups formed by women and men who are inspired by the charism of Nano and who wish to participate in the mission of the Presentation Congregation. Each local group selects a person or team to act as the Local Coordinator.

Local groups meet a number of times throughout the year to…


Develop the spirituality of being in communion through prayer and contemplation as well as reflection on the Scriptures and the life and charism of Nano


Share the experience of living the core values and to encourage and support one another in giving practical expression to them.

Be Involved

Be involved in action for justice, whether at local, national or international levels, individually and/or collectively.


All who embrace the vision of Nano and wish to carry on her mission are invited to join a local group and make a formal commitment for a specific renewable period.