The words of our foundress motivate and inspire us.

Presentation Sisters of the U.S.Province live and minister in seven states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota and Texas. The sisters are teachers and administrators in pre-school, elementary school, university and in community programs offering adult education and tutoring for children and adolescents.

They provide direct service in health care and social services as well as serve in administration and governance of institutions and systems. They are chaplins and parish ministers, spiritual directors and retreat facilitators. Through the International Presentation Association the sisters of the U.S. Province collaborate with Presentation Sisters, Presentation Associates and like-minded individuals and organizations around the world in working for peace, justice, care for the earth and a sustainable, decent life for all the human family.

If I could be of service in any part of the world, I would willingly do all in my power

nano nagle

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