Presentation Ministry Center (TX)

A faith-based ministry to immigrants in the west side of San Antonio, Texas, where everyone is welcome. The Presentation Ministry Center offers culturally appropriate educational opportunities for holistic development and community building, embodying the spirit of Nano Nagle.

our vision

Presentation Ministry Center is a place of hospitality, primarily dedicated to meeting the needs of immigrant people. Programs offered are designed to educate participants and to provide opportunities for holistic development in a community building atmosphere.

Core Values


Dedicated staff, co-ministers and volunteers collaborate with participants in celebrating cultural strengths and personal gifts.


Acceptance of self and reverence for the human dignity of others.


Develop self confidence and self worth.


Ensure that the center is a stable, comfortable and trustworthy environment.


Hold each person responsible for his/her commitment and active participation at the Center.

Our Goals

To offer educational opportunities which enable people to claim their God-given gifts and talents

To provide the space and opportunity where people can gather, encounter one another, and form community