Presentation Partners in Housing (ND)

Presentation Partners in Housing (PPiH) is a ministry sponsored by the Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, United States Province to assist people who are homeless or threatened by homelessness, and who, despite their personal efforts are struggling to meet basic needs.

Presentation Partners in Housing services are designed to...

Prevent Homelessness

by targeting households at imminent risk of becoming homeless and providing them with the necessary resources to stabilize. Last year PPiH provided $982,212.54 in financial assistance to 638 households with 1641 people to prevent them from entering into the cycle of homelessness.

Divert from Homelessness

by identifying safe alternative housing options that do not include emergency shelter stays which lead to further entry into the homeless services system. PPiH launched the Diversion Program in January of 2021 with these result thus far: 119 individuals served, 48 unique households diverted, and 100% of individuals experiencing homelessness exited PPiH’s Diversion Program and into permanent housing.

Overcome Chronic Homelessness

by providing intensive housing stability case management in the form of Housing Navigation. Last year PPiH provided 7,876 hours of intensive housing case management to 48 program participants.

End Homelessness

through partnerships with local landlords to provide housing options to those in need.

Contact PPiH

Call the office at: 701-235-6861 or Visit Ministry Site at: