We believe that transformation takes place through sharing of our oneness.

Holding the context of the spirituality of being in communion, we recognize, as did Nano, the importance of honoring gifts of wisdom and experience which elders contribute to society.

Realizing that we unfold in aging, our approach is through contemplation and conversation with intergenerational and intercultural people modeling inclusivity for all. We want to embody Pope Francis’ message: Being old is not a time for rest, but a hance for a a new mission in the world.

Some Examples of Honoring Wisdom from Our Congregations

Beginning with four Units of the Union of Presentation Sisters (Africa, North East Ireland, USA and Newfoundland) and then inviting all Units, the wisdom resource group gathered a great deal of information. We found that there are many active intergenerational groups among our sisters and that our sisters interact with diverse cultures; local schools in some areas share faith with the sisters in their areas; and we continue to be commited to prayer ministry, vocation and justice work at all ages.

In North East Ireland...

a group named Living Gracefully focuses on reaching out to the elderly to ascertain what they need in order to make meaninful transitions in a way that nurtures and supports them. This includes asking sisters to tell/write their life stories, offering lessons in computer skills and aksing for input on holistic healthcare.

The Book of Life...

in the USA Unit and the Lights in the East biographies in the Pakistan Unit are offered as a way to honor and remember our beloved deceased sisters who shaped our congregations.

Units are taking active steps to focus on ongoing formation to enable community building, sharing and effective communication.

The United Nations dedicates October 1 of each year as the International Day of Older Persons. Click below to find out more.