We are active, apostolic, Catholic women religious participating in the mission of Jesus in the United States of America.

Our Sisters

Agatha Lucey

Born in Ireland

Fargo, North Dakota

Sr. Agatha spent many of her active ministry years as a nurse, helping in many of the hospitals in the area. She has always had a strong faith knowing that “God brought us all here for a reason,” making the best of all things she has encountered and continues to encounter throughout her life.

Angela Callanan

Born: Ireland

Current: Orange, CA

Sister Angela is a part of our Vocations Team! If you are discerning or looking for some guidance, Sr. Angela might be the person you have been looking for. She also serves in the Development Office and organizes Gala events in Southern California.

Anne O'Leary

Born: Ireland

Current: San Antonio, Texas

Sister Anne O’Leary is a part of our Vocations Team! If you are interested in Religious Life or in need of someone to help you discern, Sr. Anne is a great person to talk to.

Annette Figueiredo

Born: Goa, India

Current: Cypress, CA

Sr. Annette ministers with the bereaved as the Funeral Director at St. Irenaeus Parish in Cypress. She is also the contact sister with Regina Residence for our five sisters residing there and thus, she's able to visit with each of the sisters in their own bedrooms, walk with them in the grounds, and do whatever else is needed every Thursday.

Bernadette Trecker

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Sister Bernadette has been a part of countless ministries. Today she offers music lessons, sharing her gift of music with others. Through her Presentation Music Studio, she is an independent Music Teacher teaching students of all ages private and group piano instruction.

Breda Christopher

Born: Ireland

Current: Regina Residence, CA

Sr. Breda left Ireland in 1953 to join the Presentation Sisters in the USA. While her main ministry was education, she also did active ministry in working with the homeless, drug addiction patients, visiting those in prison, doing what she could to help the people she came across “get their lives back.” Sr. Breda loves to garden and finds great peace in nature

Catherine Burke

Born: Ireland

Current: Los Angeles, CA

Sr. Catherine Burke was born in Galway, Ireland. She joined the Presentation Sisters in Baliboro, Ireland for the mission in Pakistan where she lived & taught for four years. She was then sent to the United States where she ministered in Orange, Huntington Beach, Cypress, Whittier & Upland, California. She lived and ministered in San Antonio, Texas for six years. She lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 10 years serving the Sisters on the Unit Leadership Team. She has lived in Los Angeles, California for the past 21 years serving as Co-Director of Presentation Learning Center.

Debbie Gumina

Current: LA, California

Sister Debbie works in hospitals as a social worker in the Pediatric unit. She tends to those throughout the hospital and offers her compassion and guidance to all those she encounters daily.

Fidelma Lyne

Born: Ireland

Current: Regina Residence, CA

Sr. Fidelma felt the call to be a Presentation Sister at a young age. However, she was certain that she would NEVER come to the USA and leave her home country of Ireland but God had different plans for Sr. Fidelma. She ended up coming to the USA to live out the mission of the Presentation Sisters. To this day she remains living in the USA, regretting nothing and knowing that God called her where she was supposed to be. She has continued to touch many people throughout her time as a Presentation Sister through the numerous ministries she has been a part of.

To watch a video on Sr. Fidelma's journey to the USA CLICK HERE.

sister_Francine Janousek
Francine Janousek

Born: North Dakota, USA

Current: Fargo, ND

Words from Sr. Francine, “The general public might not know who we are, but the poor knows who we are.” Sr. Francine currently works on our Acorn Update, using her gift of writing to share the news of the Presentation Sisters.

Gemma Pires

Born: Goa, India

Current: Fargo, ND

Jan Ihli

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Jocelyn Quijano pbvm
Jocelyn A. Quijano

Born: Philippines

Current: Orange, CA

Sister Jocelyn is a member of our Unit Leadership Team and serves as liaison to Vocations & Formation, Justice, and Communications. Sr. Jocelyn likes hiking, dancing, and listening to music. She keeps her favorite scripture verse, “Abide in me as I abide in you” (John 15:4),  close to her heart and feels greatly blessed as a Presentation Sister.

Josephine Brennan

Born: Ireland

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Sr. Josephine came to the USA at a young age to be a Presentation Sister. She was drawn to the mission and ministry of the congregation. Throughout her time as a sister she has been a part of many different ministries, but one she holds close to her heart was her time as a teacher.

To watch a video on Sr. Josephine's story click HERE.

Katherine Fennell

Born: Ireland

Current: San Antonio, Texas

Sr. Katherine is our Unit Leader. With a collaborative effort she works with the leadership team, making sure all aspects of the congregation, no matter the location, are in communication with one another.

Kathleen Pritchard

Born: Ireland

Current: Orange, CA

Sr. Kathleen was a teacher and a Principal in various elementary schools in Southern California. She also served in the leadership team in Zimbabwe for several years.

Lorraine Schmaltz

Born: North Dakota, USA

Fargo, North Dakota

Sr. Lorraine is a part of our Vocations Team. She has been part of numerous ministries throughout her time as a Presentation Sister. She currently offers spiritual direction, helping people from all different backgrounds grow in their spiritual lives. She is also a Baby Cuddler for hospitals in her area. Sr. Lorraine finds great joy in all the work she does.

Marcelline Sookov

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Sister Marcelline’s main ministry was through nursing. She was involved in many different ministries, but always felt most at peace helping those in the hospitals. She tended to all kinds of patients, always brought them comfort and love through her unwavering faith.

sister_Mary_F_ ODriscoll
Margaret Mary Barrett

Born: County Cork, Ireland

Current San Antonio, Texas

Sr. Margaret Mary served in Faith Formation particularly Catequesis Familiar (Family Catechesis), Home Visitation Evangelization Team, and in the leadership team. She speaks Spanish and also taught English as a Second Language. She and Sr. Jocelyn "opened" the house on Arbor Place in San Antonio to live with the immigrants and the marginalized. Sr. Margaret Mary loves talking with people and playing cards. There's no person that would be a stranger to Margaret Mary!

Maria Kelly
Maria Kelly

Born: Tipperary, Ireland

Current: Huntington Beach, CA

Sr. Maria Kelly taught Junior High, particularly Math, at St. Bonaventure's School in Huntington Beach.

Marie Glennon

Born: Ireland

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Sr. Marie left her home and came to the USA to be a Presentation Sister. She, like many of the sisters, participated in countless ministries, but a time of her life that stands out is her time as a nurse. She spent many years comforting families and praying with them as their loved ones were in surgery, etc. Her compassion has touched countless people over the years. She has always found her love and strength through God, but also her strong devotion to St. Joseph.

Click HERE to watch a video on Sr. Marie and her ministry!

sister_Marilyn Omieczynski
Marilyn Omieczynski

Born: USA

Current: San Antonio, TX

Sr. Marilyn is creative and artistic. She does ceramics, knows how to make candles, and the list goes on! She used to do youth retreats; as well as spent time as a teacher. Sr. Marilyn is a trained spiritual director and ministered at the House of Prayer in Tucson, AZ, before being missioned to Fargo.

Mary Antonio Heaphy

Born: Ireland

Current: San Antonio, Texas

Sister Antonio is a member of our Unit Leadership Team. She was involved in education, pastoral ministry, catechesis, and RENEW (small faith communities). Before beginning to serve on the leadership team in the early 2000's, she ministered at the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Sr. Antonio also loves cats, currently owning a cat named 'Rosie' and she knows how to knit!

sister_Margaret Mary Barrett
Mary F. O'Driscoll

Born: Ireland

Current: San Antonio, Texas

Maura DeCrans

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Maura Fitzsimons

Born: Ireland

Current: Fargo, ND

Sr. Marua joined the Presentation Sisters in Bailieboro, Co Cavan, Ireland in 1958 and was subsequently missioned to Pakistan. After five years of Novitiate and of learning the "know how" of Religious life, education, and teaching, Sr. Maura was  missioned to California. There, she taught in the school system for a number of years until she became  aware of that "small voice" of the Spirit calling Sr. Maura to other ministries. Over time Sr. Maura has been blessed to have covered a wide variety of ministerial work in the Golden State. She now works in Shaw, Mississippi, a community strong in inherited Southern Faith, and located in one of those pockets of disadvantage so familiar all over the Delta. Jesus sought out the marginalized and that too is the work Sr. Maura cherishes.
Patricia O'Sullivan

Current: San Antonio, Texas

Peggy Byrne

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Sr. Peggy’s trust in God has brought incredible adventures throughout her time as a Presentation Sister. She spent numerous years living in Peru, starting schools, teaching students, and changing the world. Sr. Peggy has left a life long impact on all the people she’s met, especially those in Peru.

Philippa Wall

Born: Ireland

Current: Ireland Province

Sr. Philippa Wall was born in Laois, Ireland.  She joined the Presentation Sisters in Mount St. Anne’s, Killenard, Laois.  Following graduation as an Elementary Teacher she taught for fourteen years in Ireland before coming to the United States where she continued teaching in Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas until retirement.  Currently she serves as the Unit Archivist.  She catalogs the historical records of the life and mission of the Presentation Sisters and preserves them in a designated place called the archives.  They tell the story of God’s grace in action in a group of people.

Rosaleen O'Connell
Rosaleen O'Connell

Born: Dublin, Ireland

Current: Cypress, CA

Roselima D'Costa

Born: India

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Sr. Roselima is our Peace and Justice contact for the Presentation Sisters. She is a part of the IPA (International Presentation Association), which focuses on the mission of working for global justice for all creation.

Rosemary O'Sullivan

Born: Cork, Ireland

Current: Cypress, CA

Sharon Altendorf

Current: San Antonio, Texas

Sister Sharon is a part of our Vocations Team. Sr. Sharon is regularly taking part in conferences and other events to help people of all ages understand what the Presentation Sisters encompass. She is a great resource and contact when it comes looking for guidance of any kind, especially discernment of religious life.

Shawna Foley

Born: Oklahoma

Current: Fargo, North Dakota

Like many of us, Sister Shawna found herself in her mid-twenties searching for her life calling. Yet, her strength and courage led her right where she was supposed to end up. She let God guide her, and after much discernment and living with different orders of sisters, she found what she called "home" with the Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since then she has done numerous ministries including working in hospitals, prisons, vocation work, working with youth and many others that have positively influenced the lives of more people than she will ever know. Now, Sr. Shawna lives in a community of Presentation Sisters in Fargo, ND with her furry companion, Candy.


Vera Butler

Born: Ireland

Current: San Antonio, Texas

Wiona Engel

Born: Texas, USA

Current: San Antonio, TX

Sister Wiona Engel is the youngest of six children, born and raised in Luckenbach, Texas.  After High School at the age of 18 she entered with the Presentation Sisters in San Antonio, Texas.  She has had various ministries which included Elementary and Junior High teacher; Principal of an Elementary School, K-8th grade; Development Director for the U. S. Unit; serving on the U. S. Unit Leadership Team for 5 years, assistant Congregational Leader for 5 years, and Congregational Leader for 10 years which involved visiting all the Units of the Congregation throughout the World. Leadership was a great privilege in that one saw how the charism of Nano was alive and active all over the world.  She was Co-director of a Learning Center in Shaw, Mississippi. Her guiding light and what inspired her to continue on the journey was Christ’s saying, “I am with you always” and Nano’s, “The Almighty is All Sufficient”.

More Sisters

Sr. Agnes Walsh

Sr. Andrea Arendt

Sr. Anne O'Brien

Sr. Cabrini Foley

Sr. Catherine Gleitz

Sr. Eileen Cannon

Sr. Georgiana Sprunk

Sr. Gertrude Massine

Sr. Lois Byrne

Sr. Maris Stella Korb

Sr. Maureen Nolan

Sr. Mary Beauclair

Sr. Mary Dunlea

Sr. Mary Kealy

Sr. Mary Margaret Mooney

Sr. Niamh Kelly

Sr. Olivia Scully

Sr. Paula Ringuette

Sr. Pauline Egan

Sr. Rosario Ryan

Sr. Therese Gleitz

Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 9.59.05 AM
Sisters Resting in Peace

Sr. Josepha Feeney

Sister Josepha Feeney passed away peacefully July 9, 2024 at Sorrento Care Center, San Antonio, TX. May she rest in peace. She was surrounded by her Presentation Sisters, her niece Michelle Walters and friends. Sr. Josepha was a member of Mary of the Presentation Community in San Antonio and has served in the Archdiocese of San Antonio since 1959. She will be sadly missed by her many nieces, nephews, grand nieces, grand nephews, her Presentation Sisters and her many friends.


Sr. Stella Olson

Sister Stella Olson completed her earthly journey July 7, 2024, one day before the 40th anniversary of the death of her mother. Watch this video to hear more about Sr. Stella’s life: https://youtu.be/LK-9HkUoI3I?si=es31sTfpOpbPUw-S  You can find Sister Stella's funeral services here: https://boulgerfuneralhome.com/


Sr. Winifred Harnett

Sister Winifred Harnett died peacefully surrounded by Community on June 23, 2024 at Regina Residence, Orange, CA. We give thanks to God for her 67 years of faithful dedicated service as a Presentation Sister. You can find her funeral services online here: https://youtube.com/live/5nciLFcmTfI?feature=share 

Sr. Immaculata Kelly

Sister Immaculata Kelly, (Margaret) died peacefully on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital, San Antonio, TX. She ministered as a Presentation Sister in San Antonio, TX, and Orange, CA. You can find her funeral service by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/live/NlSMbJ3Qy9o?si=vavwxwQpS37RWkbq

Sr. Jane Bonar

Sister Jane Bonar died peacefully on March 11th, 2024. Sr. Jane touched the lives of so many throughout her life, especially the Watts community in Los Angeles, California where she was Co-Director of Presentation Learning Center for 24 years. You can view her full Funeral Service and Eulogy by following this link: https://youtu.be/ySvc4JHcXTA?si=T2NanY3EfVlWZAat

Sr. Vianney Buckley

Sister Vianney Buckley died peacefully on Monday, July 17, 2023, at Villa de San Antonio, San Antonio, TX. You can find Sr. Vianney's Obituary here: http://pbvmunion.org/obituary-notice-for-sister-vianney-buckley/

Sr. Carmel Lynch 

Sr. Carmel Lynch died peacefully on November 16, 2022 at Regina Residence in Orange, CA. She is fondly remembered by many schoolchildren and their parents as well as parishioners of St. Bonaventure Church in Huntington Beach, CA. Please see her memorial at https://youtu.be/fw0Fxwj4_cY

Sr. Joan O'Sullivan

Sr. Joan O’Sullivan died peacefully on April 16, 2022. She was an active member of our Friends of Nano. Inspired by the mission of Nano Nagle, men and women from across the globe work together in ways to keep the spirit of Nano alive within our communities. Sr. Joan was passionate and emphasized the importance of caring for the whole Earth Family. Tribute to Sr. Joan here: https://youtu.be/Ci8EnRlB8OM?si=956r3eZXJvRnHSkg

Tributes to Presentation Sisters and Associates who have passed away between 2013-2021 can be found here: https://youtu.be/W-MhV4qOauM?si=CI7GZZiwJfkJWnzs