We are Catholic Sisters who continue to share in the dream of Nano Nagle, our foundress, to live contemplatively, walk lightly on earth, and witness prophetically.

Where We Are: U.S. Province

When Presentation congregations in Ireland, England, India, Pakistan, Africa and the Philippines came together in 1976 to form the Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 17 of the Irish motherhouses and the English congregation had branch houses in the United States. There were a total of 23 houses–11 in California, three in Alabama, two in Arizona, two in Mississippi and one in each of the states of Utah, Colorado, Florida, Louisanna, and Georgia.

There is no greater happiness in the world than to be in Union

Nano Nagle

in 1978 a Southeast Region which included the houses in Alabama, Louisianna and Mississippi was established. In 1981 the North Presentation Congregation joined the Union and its houses in Georgia and Florida became part of this region.

Also in 1978 a Western Vice-Province was created to encompass houses in California and Utah. When Crosshaven became part of the Union in 1981, its houses in Arizona were incorporated into the Vice-Province

in 1982 the autonomous foundation of San Antonio, Texas, fused with the Union and became part of the Vice-Province. The Southeast Region and the Western Vice-Province united in 1989 to form the United States Province.

In 2013 the Sisters of the Fargo, North Dakota, Congregation fused with the Union and are now part of the United States Province.